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High anxiety N plumbing problems. Tall Tree [lucid a bit ]

Lucid Intent
Monday, April 11 2016

dream 1- Another batch of odd dreams, but not complaining. I recall being in a building and in some room. I am not sure if its apartments or not. It looked to me like a small hospital room. Single bed, but no surgical equipment. I had placed an order and the box was surprisingly big for the small dvds. - I think they were 'x-files ' and some other videos I didn't recognize..I am taking them out , and mom comes in , she seemed to be excited as well. I went over to the bed and showed h

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Fancy hotel or rotten conditions?

Wednesday, September 28 2011

dream 1- , I am in a hotel, and its a nice one, I wanted to stay longer, and I ask mom "Why don't we stay another night?" the hotel looks nice, and yet when we were attempting to get other rooms, [i wanted attached rooms] and the woman manager was saying'Not sure if we have any available''. I am actually barganing with them, and she is like "Let me talk to """ I don't know who he was. I happen to look outside and the window is really close to the water, and wasn't sure how far up the water would


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