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Ominous skies

Tuesday, October 20 2015

I am in some unfamiliar place , with some family members.The house was a small farmhouse . I recall looking out the windows and seeing a vast field. It was getting really ominous outside , like its going to storm or tornado. I was working on something , fixing something on the small desk by the window. I was telling mom that te skies 'look ominous'  She was helping laurie with a basket [least I think it was] .  I was waiting for them to react to the possible storm , but they we

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Jealousy over nothing

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, April 17 2007

scene 1- I am at home. I think Ray sharky even dropped me off. Kissing goodbye. Mom didn't like me with him and told me so, but I wasn't really listening. I could hear that Rachel and the other's were actually going to the baseball game. I saw Rachel hugging Dad? In the hallway that they were all going - well except me and mom. I said "I thought she wasn't going" feeling left out and a bit annoyed. I think I asked that 'is Laurie even going '- I think she was because they were dis


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