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Back to the school and trying to fit in

Wednesday, September 14 2011

dream 1- I am at school again,, guess the theme this month is school, and in a classroom, sitting at my desk and wanting to be next to someone,so I wouldn't feel alone, I was next to some girl with braids [black hair ] and she is sitting across from me, and I am feeling the contecting and excited to be helping her with the project and another girl joined us too.I am talking to them about some things thats been going around school and we are trying to work around our worksheets and that. I recall

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Lucid ? at the neighbor's kitchen

Tuesday, September 18 2007

scene 1) - I felt a bit lucid again, I am going down our street and this usually happens when I am lucid- I go over to our neighbor's yard. - and I think about the cat? I go towards the house and she isn't home. I go in and it feels a bit lucid. The house is a bit smaller. ? the kitchen is in the front. I am looking around and its a bit hazy. I think that's what happens when its a bit lucid? I know she must have been home since there was stuff around. I see the orange cat and was goin

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hole in the wall

Lucid Intent
Sunday, July 22 2007

SCENE 1) I am out by our driveway and there is some type of wall that is there. , and I am looking at the blue wall and spot something in the wall. I thought it was a button, but when I pull it out, I see that it is some type of white plug . ? I wondered where it came from and there was a person [don't recall male or female?" telling me I should put it back . was going around the other walls that are oddly standing , near the one I had been close too. I was doing something else goi

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Boring movie but finding treasures

Friday, May 25 2007

scene 1) I recall being at some movie theater and with my friend marlene. We are sitting in the center seats. We had some food with us. I was finding things under our steat. I happen to look and its some barbie stuff. I was like "I think this movie is boring" - So I was taking the stuff underneath the seat and I happen to put them in something. I don't know what the movie was about. It felt like it might of been about christmas. I was having the items in the box and she got up .


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