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Singing in a Castle * Saving Fish

Wednesday, June 14 2006

Some weird dreams. I recall going into some castle. I could see some meeting was going on in some room- They all appeared to be wearing witches outfifs and wizards? like Harry Potter. Well I recall going in and was just singing and using a wand. I felt happy- I was apologizing for interupting their meeting. But they looksd at me like I was strange to be singing . I didn't care I just Kept singing. lol scene 2- I am in my friends house- and near the fish-tank. T

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Wedding disaster and fish dies

Lucid Intent
Monday, March 6 2006

Scene 1- Another dream about fish. The first time I see the fish is actually in the front yard and between the bushes. ITs actually swimming in the area between them. "Oh its alive. " I didn't know it could still be alive with the water . I couldn't get over how the water was still there not spilling out. So I take the fish in . The fish is a goldfish. I put it in a container with water and I found another fish that is dark small. I am mostly in the tredmill room tryin


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