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some weird ''views'' down under

Thursday, November 1 2012

dream - I am at some place that is really nice and with mom and dad some family members , was enjoying the view ,since its a field and there is a stream around it, I am not sure but i think i hear some people outside [rowdy bunch]..with kids .i was going to go out to enjoy the place,but they jumped in the pond-or pool and was making so much i went to the dining area instead and met up with mom and dad etc waiting at a long table to eat ....and some older people were there eating

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Mom and dad back again but died again .......

Thursday, March 1 2012

dream- I am having dreams of mom but not really in a good way. I am at home, and she is alive again. We were talking in the kitchen, and I say "What happened" and she says "She's just tired" and I was seeing she is wearing her dark blue top, and dad is around too and trying to fix things. We were in mom's room, and Joey was asking mom about the oscars. I guess they wanted to watch it. She is in bed. Something happened where something hit [it felt like my forehead but really its moms] and she had


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