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I've lost that trusting feeling...

Thursday, September 22 2011

dream 1-, I recall being in school again, and was working on some group things. I am also going down to the lunch room and was looking for people to eat with. i am also going through the other parts of the school and was nervous with all the older students. I am then in some store, that was like a convenient store, and it was next to the school, and am seeing marlene, and she is buying something for lunch, and some reason i brought up shane and she talked about him too like she liked him, and

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I am a cupcake-

Thursday, October 30 2008

Dream 8- I do recall one last dream now-  I think I am in my room on the bed only the bed is facing the yard . - I  have a cup-cake in my hands- I lick off the frosting [its white]- and I tell some one  that "My name is cupcake, shall I lick your frosting?" being seductive- not like me- I don't know who he is - last dream I think.


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