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Tidal waves

Lucid Intent
Sunday, November 27 2016

1- I am on some ship [like the posieden ]- I call it that,because it started like the movie with the big wave heading towards the ship. I didn't want to see the 'big wave' but could see it even through the darkness - I walked quickly out of the room,water came pouring in I was going to walk down the hall , thinking it would be water-free. but as I was heading down the corridor with some people. The water came in..filling up thehallway - The scene I looked at was the people floatin

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Acting like cave people

Sunday, January 8 2006

scene 1- I am traveling with mom and dad- in some country area- I think we were going to have to go through some ride- in order to get to the other highway- I saw the door [gate]- opens and we had to wait to get in- It looked like it was some jungle type there was a car ahead of us and i was saying 'I don't think this is a good idea. " - feeling uneasy about the ride thing- Dad was all for it- and mom was saying "Well, it is our only way to get the highway. " The odd part was I


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