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Destination=stick around town

Tuesday, November 8 2005

scene 1- I am at home, and dad is moving things around in his office- we are also waiting to go to the airport since we are planning to take a trip- I think to florida- ? I was telling dad that something happened to his phone downstairs and I was wanting to know what to do with it? So he had to go down and saw that- the phone had broke apart- I think it may have even exploded- He was trying to figure out the wires and I was telling him we had better get ready to go since its almost

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Flying around can make you sick

Lucid Intent
Monday, October 17 2005

scene 1- I remember dreaming about mash again- and how i was on the set- trying to set up a cot? and radar was there with charles- who was trying to get help from margret- it was very weird and i think i was mostly oustide with this- and even hawkeye was saying something about the air around here- thats all i really remember- and Bj was there too helping hawkeye in the operation room- scene 2- Rachel and I are oddly having to go on a plane ride-[small plane]some man wa

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Better to fly than to sink-

Sunday, October 9 2005

scene 1- Some more bizarre dreams- again about the nanny - and i believe we started to be on some- snow- property- [mansion]- we are planning to visit england- [taking a plane-]- and we were getting a ride in the limo- i was holding my cd-player- and - getting in the backseat [left side]- and was waiting for them to get in- and mr sheffield was actually sitting in the back with me and the nanny was in the front- with the driver-- and I was asking questions about the plane


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