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hanging around ugly people short

Sunday, October 25 2009

dream 1- I recall some of my dreams- i remember sitting in the living room and there are these 2 guys that were looking across the street, and they saw that the woman across the street, went-into the house and said "That is an ugly woman, wow " I was surprised who they were talking about, I saw her too, and said "She isn't ugly she is a blonde" - I thought they were even maybe talking about my sister, but I saw the woman going up - . her steps- and I couldnt get over they called her that. - 2) t

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Flying with the aliens

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 7 2007

scene 1- I recall one other dream about being in some field with some people . I think I only know them from the dream. I was talking to them and all of a sudden this thing comes from the sky. It was a cylinder shape and gold. It landed near us and I knew we had to go up in the saucer. I wasn't really wanting to since I think there was some aliens in there. I also think it might be too small to even carry us ? I do recall us getting in and it was a bit bigger on the inside. - I w


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