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Driving around with judge judy- rain

Friday, August 13 2010

dream- i am in a car or van its raining out, and with judge judy in the car and she is talking about rights to do something at the mall? [don't really recall what it was]-and i am not really believing we can do that,feel in the dream i am sulking,-as we turn into the mall its rainy and dark foggy- , and - she is still talking and we get - to the hannaford its rainy and think its thundering.- I think we went- to the mall though i don't think that,- we were there for long- and- we ate too. - She i

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where to roam?

Lucid Intent
Thursday, March 1 2007

Some weird dreams - Setting 1 I am at some strange store that is out in the country. I didn't realize that my friend works there. She is actually serving some groceries. Its more like a small convenient store. I am waiting to talk to her and I can hear her talking to the owner - some man. I was thinking we could actually go to lunch or something. I wasn't aware that I had not brought my money. I realized it when I was seeking something in my pockets. I am still waiting for her to be


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