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Smokin around '

Wednesday, July 30 2008

Dream 1- I am riding on the city bus with marlene,[we haven't done that in a long time]- well I first see its daylight and we are going down some highway. We had just seen a movie- and I said "I don't think that movie was that great" She didn't ether- The bus driver is a woman. WE go towards a shopping area. I thought she was going to go up further to another sign but she had started to turn back and I said "Wow Stop here" so she had to back up a bit and We got up and I noticed some Marlbore cig

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Captured by old lady and Tv Time

Lucid Intent
Monday, November 12 2007

scene 1 ) I am over at my neighbor's house. Though in the dream it belonged to some older lady. I wasn't aware that when I was going through some of the neat things in her basement with another friend [only in dream] We weren't aware that the woman upstairs was planning to keep us downstairs. Until I attempted to go up and she shut the door. So we were trying to act like were just cleaning the place. We hear her upstairs. The woman actually looks familiar. I was finding things in


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