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Mashing around

Friday, August 15 2008

Dream 1- I am riding the city bus and going past my friends work when I happen to glance in and see she is standing there dressed in a black and blue shirt , striped. I was wondering what she was doing but I think she is having a cigarrette. I go on the bus and I was stopped at my house where I was seeing images of Mash characters again, I am talking to Margret. And Charles. -The gang, talking about the party? I mostly was talking to Radar and Margret.  I am also on mom's bed and we had to

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Getting a break from home

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 28 2007

scene 1_ I am walking with some luggage over by wiliston road- I have 2 suitcases-. I was going towards some hotel . and I was about to go in the door and I see someone walking. and its Marlene but in the dream it didn't really look like her-. I was like 'Hey there stranger" SHe was in her work close. - and I was following her up these steps. She thought mom had shot me out of the house but I was telling her "Well came close to that but I am taking a break" She was helping some


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