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Walken over me.

Sunday, May 6 2007

scene 1- I guess I didn't dream about our attic sampson. maybe tonight! . Well anyway, I recall being in some hotel room? where there is a big brown moving box- That has some funny things . I am going through them, and there are some men in the room. They wanted me to try on the garments that are in the box. So I put on the school costume first. Which is fun. We were joking around about the school theme and extra things that were in the box. I am looking through more and one of the

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Driving me crazy

Lucid Intent
Monday, August 21 2006

scene 1 - I am with Marlene, and Freddie over at the house. [her house where she grew up] with the kids. etc. We were doing something that was creative for the kids.Then they were getting rowdy so we were deciding to go to the mall. [winter]- Scene 2 We go to the mall, and Stayed awhile, until we see that its snowing and darker out. When we are walking out in the parking lot- the parking lot is crowded with cars. We go way down to get into a Truck. ITs


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