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Happy Days School Days

Thursday, September 7 2006

Some other weird dreams. I am in school [lots of dreams in school lately] - . I go into some classroom. I was setting up the room for some projects. I was enjoying the time to myself , until some others come in. I see kris and she is showing me where to put things which is annoying me. I then see the cast of Happy Days. Mr Cunniham is wanting to cook some special breakfast for us all. He wanted people to participate. In the holiday session. I think its christmas. I am helping at fir

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I dont like Spiders or Snakes-

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, June 21 2006

scene 1- Some odd dreams, First I am at a school. We had just finished class and I had gone down to eat lunch when I realized I had forgotten my socks? From the classroom. So I had to go up to the class and hope that they are still there. I could see the female teacher She is doing something at her desk,and I went in to ask her if she's seen any socks. She said there are some over near a desk,so I went over to the desk and sure enough they're right we're I had taken them off.


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