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What is the Price ??

Tuesday, September 4 2007

scene 1) I am actually a contestant on Price is Right. I feel nervous and at the last area. I wondered how people could hear, the numbers called because I was straining to hear. Too nervous to ask BOB about the numbers I think I bid a 1 and I got up- I was nervous to do the game but we did it. I don't recall what game it was. I am not even sure if I won. There is another dream but its vague had a bad night sleeping- I saw some murky river,and oddly a small barbie doll. [boy]

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Famously a Star

Lucid Intent
Monday, October 30 2006

Scene 1- Some really crazy dreams. Recall driving downtown. its sunny . I am with Rick and AJ from simon and simon. Rick is waiting for Aj to catch up with this car chase.? I felt like I am obsrving mostly. Since I see them in the truck and Rick was teasing Aj about his age and now long it took him to catch up. He also takes off his hair and I noticed that its bald. "Shiny head aj can't be hard to find. " Something like that. They were funny and driving erratically as they


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