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Best keep thoughts to yourself.

Saturday, April 16 2016

1- I recall being at some unfamiliar place. Was with mom and Laurie walking up a steep black sand with rocks around so we had to be careful..While walking up, we noticed some young girls sitting or laying up near the whatever the hell it was building .. I recall the girls had blonde hair.. and looked a bit like emma our cousins child.  I went up past her..saying "Rachel looked or was better '' not sure if the ones laying down were dead or not. I went up into the small rustic pl

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Formal Gilligan Island - captive?

Monday, September 29 2008

dream 1- I am at some strange building, and there is a dining room. I am sitting in a chair at a table. I think the people with me might be from Gilligan's Island? There is a woman that is a host and she asks about "If anyone likes Gilligan" - We clapped. I guess it was some type of reunion. For the show. We were dressed in some formal dresses. We were talking about the show , fav character etc. - I later got up and am wondering when We had to leave? I see some woman near the elegant stairway- s


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