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HOtel of open spaces * Not being treated fairly * ;/

Sunday, January 8 2012

dream- I am in a hotel with laurie and rachel,and mom, I am not sure if dad is there. Some odd things were going on, where I am seeing I think a young Rachel was swinging, and I am on the bed, she looks to be swinging near the bed and there is a floor, but its not close, and I thought "That's an illusion" - in depth, since she isn't touching the floor, the floor has some patterns and its made of flowers. I was getting annoyed by her swinging 'NOT NOW" I told her, and she wouldn't stop, so I got

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Trust no-one

Thursday, August 18 2011

dream 1-, I recall being at home, and its the past, dad is there, and he is his younger self image. I am with him and doing something with the old pool. I think mom was there too and we were doing some work around the yard. 2- Then am in some odd apartment building [starsky and hutch] and was with them and went finally to the room, and they were checking the halls , I see Hutch with a beer and going to look in the hallways. I was bored and yet weary of whomever was around and they wanted to talk


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