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Rushing blood water

Wednesday, October 12 2011

dream 1- I am at a strange home, but in dream its Laurie's and M- and rachel's new home, the house has all glass windows, and its very nice ,victorian age but still glass is all around. windows- and black- I am with Rachel and she is younger, [she oddly looks like Kimmy] and had shorter hair. We are in her bedroom, and was trying to get things organized and moving things around, and I hear them talking about what had happened in the house and I was like "SHH" not in front of her, and I guess the

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Ghosts from the past

Lucid Intent
Saturday, November 18 2006

scene 1- Some other bizarre dream- first I am going into this really rustic house. Looks like its not been upkept for a loong time. I felt that its haunted by some old ghosts. The place is really a mess- I feel that Sylvia and Beetlejuice [from our old dolls we use to use ]- were there still and making the place a very haunting place. Though I was exploring and even in some bedroom- that is shambled- and is a girls room-. I felt that I couldn't leave-. Like the family here is keeping me


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