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AM I a ghost ?

Monday, November 14 2011

dream- This dream felt creepy, I am in some house, don't know where or whose, and it feels haunted.[watched ghost whispers last night]- so I am feeling these ghostly presence and they are making things move, and I was actually trying to get out of the house, but I couldn't and I am freaking out, but the odd part was when I am actually realizing I can see dad and rosie and I was feeling then Like a ghost and realized I can be with them, yet they were around the house and I was trying to make thin

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Creepy feeling s ghosts

Tuesday, April 6 2010

dream- and what a dream- I am in some room and I feel something is odd- there are people around least I recall some there in the room and we are talking about ghosts? and something really weird happens- where I am feeling something evil? and I go over towards something and that's when I feel this presence- and I suddenly get pulled into a ghostly figure and near a wall- I felt that I am ether howling or yelling - noooooo? and it felt really creepy- I woke up with the light on and tried to stay a


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