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Some Shady characters in odd places

Sunday, April 26 2015

     dream- i am in a strange is cluttered with stuff...I think I am looking for something..and also trying to find the exit..I feel some one is around me, but don't see anyone, I then notice part of the brick wall was shimmering, and I was like 'what the hell' and it was a evil spirit..or a demon..probably both..I saw the black eyes and the body was old..looked to be in a white gown..but I can't really recall that..I felt strong sense of revenge a

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Controlling me around 'family'

Lucid Intent
Saturday, May 25 2013

dream - I am at home and with some family members,think scott and mom, dad ,kris ..just watching a baseball game and felt a bit like the past ..and kris is cleaning up the bedrooms, and i am helping -and talking to scott and mom at same time - kris needed something upstairs and i said ''i will get it for you '' [we do not have an upstairs in waking life ] but there was a stairway in the closet area and in dream, it felt wider and more open going up the stairs ...and there are a few bedrooms - i


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