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Getting over it.

Monday, March 10 2008

Dream 2- This was a weird dream too- I am with Laurie- and we are at some strange place, that had some water and was a building.  I think it might of been some plumbing building? I know we weren't in the - building that long since there was a lot of pipes. I was with her and we're going through the building. - and then we had to go out on this type of tree-trunk. that is over some water. that looked like it had some swimming creatures in it. It is up high and I was looking down to see the w

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Experimenting with Birds-

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, December 21 2005

scene 1- [I am at some field [snow]- and there is some high-platform- that I was near- there is a man that I recognize from murder she wrote [he is french ]- don't remember his name-. I saw him working on something that is near the platform and I am telling him that there are some robin's that actually stay here in the winter - I said "I don' t know how they can, what the heck do they eat?" I happen to look up at some trees and see something flying towards the branches- it so happe


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