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Meeting up with freaks

Wednesday, December 3 2014

dream- I recall being downtown , and not sure if it was our downtown. I was walking through the crowd,and it was busy....cramped in with people pushing and shoving..I  met up with jessica lange 'horror show' and was trying to follow her , keep up rather, and she had on the candy striper outfit from what I watched last night...and was so thrilled to be with her..but I am not sure if I was really with with her..just appears to be following her..and she walked through the traffic and w

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Real pictures or a dream?

Friday, February 12 2010

dream- another semi- weird dream where I don't really know if this was real or not? because I was with my friend yesterday taking down some boxes- and She is showing me some photos of her about Corey and the other siblings when they were younger- and I see them on a couch and then I wondered if this is where she is at the trailer park? and saw some other people too. I wanted to ask her if this was at the trailer but for some reason I didn't. - and recalled that was a time when Ed was abusive to


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