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presidents entrance to a basketball game & Michelle Obama

Monday, March 16 2015

  DREAM - just remembered being in a auditorium, and was watching the basketball game [again] and the president came in throuh the big entrance way, was semi-dark, and could see him greeting people, and the players..I was wondering where michelle obama was..and she came in finally, with her two oldest daughters...was feeling shy to go up to them, but they were so nice, and shook my hands.. telling them how much I admired her and her family..and president ** he stayed a short while, and made

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Nasty behavior

Saturday, February 25 2012

dream- I am hanging out with marlene, she seems to have a recurring theme of being with other men. I am at her work [old hotel work]- and she is talking to some guy and then I was seeing her with them in the other rooms. As she is working she was flirting wtih them. "Ed's cousin" lol.- well I was annoyed when they would think I was like her, and said "GO AWAY" I went to talk to the house keeper and I think I was in training but not wanting to even do the cashier job. "I can't do the casheir" and


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