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beach bums

Tuesday, June 15 2010

dream- I am at some beach place, and sitting with I think Valerie [scott's ex wife]- and I had to take some stuff out of her car and carry it to the blanket- and it looked like wires at first, then she said to get the other stuff and she is reading a magazine, and i got it from her black car- and went to put the stuff down and it is fairy's "Oh we can fix these" - and I was brushing them off, but think she planned to get rid of em?- and I wanted to put them back together. -she still wanted to ge

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Hole for a toilet?& abducted by a creep

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, September 19 2007

scene 1 ) I recall these were weird dreams. I am at home at first and there was something going on around the house, lots of commotion. I am trying to clean up something in the bathroom? and the others were around too. I think there was a party going on? I am waiting for something or someone? too. I remember meeting up with that person [think it might of been marlene?} I don't really recall it. We went out somewhere I know it was to some strange building- I think now i know it was l


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