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Morning Dove don't need rescue

Tuesday, February 3 2009

dream- Forgot the scene, where I see a morning dove outside,[backyard]-and he looks dead, but then i see it move and I grabbed a towel to go rescue it, and - when I go out its moving and was going to help it, but it actually was able to fly up to a tree. So I was going in to tell mom about it. [summer]- end.

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Right theater and Mash cook out?

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 2 2008

Scene 1- I am at some movie theater and , was wondering where the movie was showing . I think I am by myself at first. - But there were other people there. - I was going around getting a ticket and couldn't find the right door- ? I then think I was with Rachel. I am not sure, We were going past these weird looking people and went to the one that I thought was the movie . I don't really recognize them. I mean the place. We go in and I don't even know what movie was playing. -


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