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Lucid cue but missed it- Hawk and sparrow

Sunday, November 9 2008

Dream - I recall being at home, and something was waking me up all the time. In fact, some of this dream I felt a bit vivid real. It is dark out, and I hear some noises. I had to wake up and go check them out. - I see rosie is out in the dining room- and I was moving my hands up as a frankienstien. Just jokingly and this was where it felt real. Since I felt like I could maybe become lucid here since I am controlling my arms. -  I am also seeing there are other animals around.  I happen

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Some Lucid moments & watch out for the dog

Lucid Intent
Thursday, June 19 2008

Dream 1-I am at home and It felt a little - lucid- not much just a bit that I could control what I was doing- I happen to be outside near the garage and I noticed that the  car that Laurie had is there - In the dream I thought it was dad's and I was going in the garage wondering where he was- ? I actually was able to take the car out-  I am in the garage and trying  to fix things. picking things up - &  and wondering if he had took the car.   -I was thinking as


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