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School nudity * Halloween chums

Monday, February 2 2009

dream- I recall I am in school, and sitting infront of a huge-student classroom. - and well I am not really in front, more to the side. I thought , I couldn't speak in front of this many students'There is a female teacher that is older,and in front of the class. I think its almost time for class to end. Since we had to gather our stuff. ? I know she wrote something on the board. I think this teacher looks familiar ,could be ms,peet- our old elementary teacher. But i am not sure or mrs thomas our

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ME teen boy- Vampire after us- playing with dog-power

Monday, January 19 2009

Dream- Some crazy dreams,- I recall being in some strange place. I know its a restaurant since when I walked in its semi-dark - and there are booths. I wanted to sit at the corner booth but I think someone was already there, for a moment it felt like there isn't anyone in the restaurant, and then they start coming in, and I felt some woman's presence that is like- feels like she could be a vampire? I could sense her presence- and it felt to like I might of been a teen-boy- ?because I know she's


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