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Showing off

Wednesday, August 27 2008

Dream 1- I am over near the school. I still think I am getting married in this dream it was a  long continuous dream night- * I recall  waiting for someone I think my husband. - and the school gym is like it use to be when I went to elemtary school Some reason they were needing me to do something. to demonstrate that i use to be in the gymnastic. -[true] and they pulled me in I am amazed that the school gym is like it use to be. I told them "I may not be able to do this right " Laughin

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Battling some creaturs

Thursday, August 30 2007

scene 1 ) I am at some strange landscape [snow] - going up to a mountain that has snow. Trying to avoid these wolfs. I go up and was finding it hard to go back down. There is a boy that is talking to me I am sure that he is one of the wolfs. ? I was suspecting him of being part of the pack. Since I see him near the wolfs. I am near the edge of the snowy cliff trying to decide if I should go around and get back down. The wolfs were nearby . I went around and was trying to get the boy t


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