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To make your own spanking machine? parents go to maine

Thursday, July 2 2009

dream- I am at home, and I happen to go into mom's room and I see she is packing, and I ask "Where are you going?"- She said that dad wants to go to maine, so that's why she is packing. She is doing a lot of packing and I said "You don't have to pack a lot" was trying to get the pants in another suitcase. She wanted to be sure. I am happy by the news and I go around the house to get things ready for my time- oddly though it felt like I am looking to make my own spanking machine? lol- and I thoug

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Feeling like the Past & Witches [harry potter] Pit

Wednesday, December 17 2008

dream- I am at home, and mom is walking seem to have a bunch of these lately, in the past and mom is young and Dad is there too. I hear mom mention[she is in the living room]- that "Godin died" and I am in the dining room and ask "WHich one " - she says "BOTH" They use to be our neighbor's way back when I  was a kid.  There is also a scene at home with Rachel and I in the room using the dolls like we use too. I had dated her Jasmine and I noticed its the one good-looking guy that I use


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