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Oliva Where are't though?

Saturday, July 18 2009

dream- I am outside, and its night. I am carrying some wood that is tall and square,I go - over near ms B-s and I see her Cat Olivia. I was trying to call her , and get her to go in ? Though I had to put the board away. I am trying to do something where she was near her house. I am carrying it and its heavy. I felt a bit Vivid in this part of the dream where I am outside- I am also telling mom that Oliva is around, and wanted to show laurie , but I don't think that Laurie is home?I think I had O

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Costume Day & Lost Ball

Sunday, May 25 2008

dream 1- the setting takes place at school, The teacher is female we are in some costumes, i don't know for sure if it was for halloween? they were light in color. Looked to be a bit princess's. [pink light]- I am talking to marlene at the counter and asking her why she wasn't in her costume, she wasn't really in the mood for changing into the costume- we were also talking to some guy too who had on a costume like from star wars? The teacher was telling marlene that she had to be in her costume.


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