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Acting with the old harts and wandering neighborhood

Friday, October 21 2011

dream 2- am around another hotel, but its fancy and am with mr hart and he is all over the place on the set, and we were doing some acting together on the poolside, and something happened where he had to have his double come in and then he is jumping all over and I was then in the hotel and he was talking to the manager about our rooms, and I guess he is so jovial and mrs hart too and we are talking and going about the show, and I wasn't really having a talking script I am just there for the eff

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Vampire scenes

Tuesday, September 20 2011

dream 1- I am on some ocean and with some strangers, and yet I know them in dream, and one man is in control of us, He reminds me of Ray sharky and also jonathan [doll]- since I felt a bit like maria. [doll] and I am waiting for some bed scene to take place on the beach with a nice bed, and yet I am laying in the water and he looks over at me amused that I would lay there with the waves crashing over me, and he is busy still. I am seeing kids around and I didn't even think it was appropiate to e


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