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Adevnture of Simon and SImon -christmas time

Saturday, June 19 2010

dream- I am in some hotel and with dad and mom, we are looking for a place to eat? and think we are around the hotel and he was asking around-, some reason I go into the pool area, and I am seeing its empty- and some reason I am hearing AJ and RICK simon- they are in trouble? up in a room and had to follow some girl that is a part of the spy ? and she has a bab carage but not sure if its real baby in there or if its some type of disquise since she is acting like some agent?I think they were supp

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Attacked by all directions

Monday, May 31 2010

dream- I am at some hotel, and- I am in the room, and i am with sisters, laurie and kris . We had called home, and told them about the hotel, and I wanted my own room, even though they were at the pool room- and I even said to mom that I want my own room. I felt that they were taking over the room.  -and I guess mom told me to get my own room , I know I went down to the desk and its busy and I wondered if I would even get one? I told kris and she was totally against it, and I was already sw


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