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The TIde is HIgh- kitten poop ?

Monday, September 6 2010

dream- I am in some hotel , near the water , well it looks like a hotel but it felt like a house too. With some family members,and other people around, we are doing some odd things, can't really recall what, but as I was cleaning i think we were cleaning- I happen to glance out the windows, and I saw some ocean waves. Its semi- dark out and other people were looking out there too. I was not really thinking of them waves until I saw the waves get larger and huge. I was saying "There's a big tidal

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Tidal Wave and Lost at sea-

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, August 8 2007

scene 1) I am at this strange location- where I am with My friend Marlene- and her daughter Tabitha. I think we had been outback [no fences up ]- we were walking around with the dogs and kids. ? Then we ended up on some bus I think? and she had this package that she was wanting to show me she seemed rather excited about the object- 'She opens it and there is a gun in a wrapper-clear and she was showing me the gun rather excitedly to say she plans to learn how to use it? I was surprised to


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