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Tossing the baby off the balcony or Kitten??

Saturday, May 24 2008

dream 1- Setting is a hotel, and Kris is there. I think we plan on leaving soon, so she had to go findout about checking out? Though I didn't want to leave. I go around the Hallway at at some point it looked like school since there were students around the counter areas. I felt they're there to set up rooms? I go down these stairs and outside, Talking to some people, As we are talking something gets tossed off a balacony and it first looked to be a baby wrapped in a blanket - I was wondering

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Pervert at a hotel and Wakin to reality

Lucid Intent
Friday, December 21 2007

scene 1- was a really weird dream - i am at a hotel again. and I was enjoying the time there. I was with Mom and Laurie too. ? I recall going to my room, after being down by the pool. There is a strange man that had been there [obese] and he was following me. I had asked him about some certain way to get to our room . I felt he was being lewd towards me and I was just nervous and went towards another doorway that had other people there playing basketball? they looked to also be set


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