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Baby Love-I think not.

Lucid Intent
Monday, February 20 2006

scene 1- I am at some strange house with some family . There was a teen daughter- and son- also some younger son and daughter [babies] well . I was trying to talk to the mother about possibly moving-? The teens were arguing about something at school and I am trying to talk to her - I go upstairs [well actually following her- ] - and she is saying "Depends on what he wants to do. " [husband]- The mother tells the teens to shoos and help with the younger kids. But I go in their r

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Superwoman I am not- [cartoon comics]-

Monday, January 9 2006

scene 1- I am at school and I am feeling a bit left-out in this dream too- I wanted to join the group- where they were doing the project on the arts- but I am sitting alone at my desk- writing something- and I heard them talking about some other project- and I made a remark about it- this girl that had curly blonde hair- a bit short was then suggesting that I come to join them- since it was a good idea she said . I moved my stuff over and was suggesting some ideas to them- and th


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