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Gilligans weird islands, and Crazy acting friends

Saturday, January 28 2012

dream- I am in some strange island, and with the cast of Gilligan,we are looking out at the water [sunny nice for now] and in a room, small. Professor is telling us there will be some hurricanes coming and we had to act fast on getting ready for them. Something was also going on with mr howell and he wasn't acting like himself. We were all trying to stay calm. I recall gong on mr Howells back and trying to let Professor help him out. We had to do something else in the water, and was trying to se

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escaping the Tornado in cancun

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, March 28 2007

scene 1- I recall being at a hotel again. This hotel is out in the cancuns. I was excited in the dream. I am thinking "I am going to cancun " - I think I took a jet. with the family-well some of the family. I recall looking around at all the rooms. There were some people in the dream that I was with that Only knew in dream. I am at this one room that has another section that has beds. I thought it was only part of the room but as I was unpacking I hear some older couple. In the next area


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