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The alien Dreams from Long ago . .

Friday, October 5 2007

Since I didn't really catch my dreams last night- or I think I didn't, I am going to write the space-man dream that I recalled from my teen years. Yes I do recall it. I remember being on a road trip, with family members. Old green station wagon. - We drove up by some woods. Recall that we had gotten out, and I notice something odd in the woods. I go up to the path. I go through some strange shaped building. - and there is a man in some robe [brown] I thought he was human , b

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Is this a Heart warning???

Lucid Intent
Saturday, April 1 2006

scene 1- This is a strange dream, I am not sure if it represents something to do with Hart condition- Since it is about seeing something on the screen ,computer screen,its the shape of a Hart. I didn't realize that it is actually MY HART. Until it is beating like mine,and I am controlling the scenes . I could see some of the arteries and how one was a tiny cluttered with CHolesteral? I am trying to get it off the screen,but it keeps showing closer Like 3d images. Was odd


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