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Alive or Dead ?

Lucid Intent
Monday, April 4 2016

Dream- 1  I had some confusing dreams last night, and what I mean from confusing.I had some that had me asking 'is this real or a dream'  I recall I am out in our backyard [our old backyard ] and I am  just going around our old pool... not sure if I was cleaning it or going around the deck.    This is one of the confusing dreams.. I am looking out through the fence.. and sitting thinking, about how 'empty' the house is.. since she's gone. I notice

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Snooping around but ok with it

Saturday, May 22 2010

dream- I am outside and think I was suppose watch new neighbors cat/? since I am out near there driveway and I am- wondering if I am, and its semi-dark out , I hear some voices, I think that its them? and I go peek in the mail box and it looks like a letter addressed to me? and I was going to go in the -door but felt a bit like I shouldn't be there? and it felt a bit real vivid as I am going in the house and semi- dark think the cat is around. I guess I did talk to the woman and she is nicer in


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