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LOndon Bridges falling down & Jealous of friend

Saturday, July 14 2007

Scene 1 ) Well this sure was some dream! . I am going out with my friends I think? and we are crossing over the big bridge [like in the cities. ] it was black and had some light posts on it. I am afraid of bridges so I am not sure how I got over the crickity old thing. I come towards these people who are working on the saw horses. That looked like they had constructions- to rebuild some of the bridge? I was saying "Well they better be working on the new bridge " Thinking of how we wer

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Undergrowned Weirdness with Queen of Dammedness

Lucid Intent
Monday, December 25 2006

Scene 1- Some sure weird dreams. mm- merry x-mass is over lalal-a Ok well First I am with some odd group - I don't really know them in life. But in the dream they are more like from another fantasy world. I mean By the fantasy. - Is like Vampires. Wearing Dark clothing but are out in day light and its winter cold near some woods. I felt like We're a part of this group until someone was announcing - that the queen and king were dead and going underground . We were of cours


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