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Meeting up with old neighbors * science robot car

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, September 29 2015

dream 1 I am at the old home. Guess I still visit it a lot. Recall being in the livingroom,and talking to mom,dad,Kris,Laurie [least ithink Kris was there}. We were just talking about some party. I am not sure what kind it would be ,but I wasn't really wanting to have one. I think Joey and Wendy were sitting on the couch.  Drinking some wine. I talked to her a bit. Mom had mentioned something about a bird. I don't know if it was about Kiki or  the other parakeets we had. I

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passwords causes argument * bewitching dining habits

Saturday, May 11 2013

dream 1 - I am on the desk top computer [which i do not have anymore ] and its in the living room, when am playing farmville , or trying to , and i am getting annoyed I can't get it to work, Kris said "Use the password'' and I replied "There is NO password " and she is insisting, and I am arguing with her and started a fight , which I was not even crying [which is what i usually do in arguments} and I hear mom yelling at me 2 stop as well, and I got ticked off and then was able to start the game


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