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A lucid experience at school takes me 'flying' Johnny's pet

Lucid Intent
Sunday, August 4 2013

dream - I am in school ,think its chamberlin] and it feels a bit 'vivid' and lucid, since I am in the back rooms by a water tank, and no-one is around, so I am curious about the place and how this odd looking 'water tank' works, recall pushing down a lever [metal] and someone was by the backdoor and I tried to hide, but only hershey came in - and I was like 'She shouldn't be in here ' and yet happy to see her ' so I was trying not to be seen and took her around the big room, seeing some lights o

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Some ODD Mixed dreams

Friday, November 7 2008

Dream -  I recall being in our neighborhood, and it felt like the past a bit. I happen to look over and see that Ben ,Our Neighbor across the street kid]- is sitting on a bike near the side of the house, it looks like a exercise bike,old- and I go up to him surprising him- I think his parents are gone? and I say "So Ben where are you going?" He was surprised to see me, and he had a jacket on. He says "To New Hampshire"- So  we were chatting a bit and I go back home,I saw across the str


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