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Fancy meeting you here?

Tuesday, December 30 2008

Dream-I recall being outside our neighborhood and over across the street I could see our lights in the window from x-mass[we don't have them up now]- I thought they got a good view. I am moving the snow with my feet. - [their walkway]-and I noticed they didn't get to see all the christmas lights one was hanging odd. I go over to my steps-and oddly I meet Rose from Golden Girls who is just leaving our house and we have a long talk on the steps about her show. How I watch it a LOT. - I had to go i

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walking around the neighborhood-and missing the bus

Lucid Intent
Friday, December 7 2007

scene 1- Not much to remember- I do recall that I had been over in the path and was walking in the semi-dark. I had been in the school yard with some of the kids. I was going back home but some how I was going down towards the maple street and I was following freddie towards her house. I was going towards her house and we were going into her house talking to them and I think the kids were there too. We were talking for awhile, and then I went back out on the street and was walki


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