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Helping farm animals-& Being Chummy

Tuesday, September 16 2008

Dream 1- I am out by hinesburg road, with mom, and we are near the graveyard-I happen to see a mother and a daughter who was waiting for the schoolbus? I figured that's why her mom is there. I don't recognize these people. I  see the girl go give her mom a hug before the school bus came. and thought "aww isn't that sweet" I said to mom too. I am not sure what we're doing out there. I see the bus coming and she had to go on the bus. Its sunny and no rain or anything. I then am with Laurie an

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Space Matters

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, December 20 2006

Dream 1- Some bunch of weird dreams, I recall being on our street. I think its winter. I had to get off our bus around our street since oddly in the dream the dummy was going on our street [male bus driver] There were other students from our school on of course- and mostly were boys. I got off and I was relieved since they're giving me a headache.- While I am walking down the street, I could see our neighbors out. Mostly its Ben and Travis [kids]- Brandon etc- Well I was


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