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indians is nothing sacred?

Saturday, February 17 2007

scene 1 forgot the other dream about being with a native indian tribe. In some remote area. We had a tall house. Trees were around. I recall talking to the grandmother who looked very indian. Well they all did. I hear something about a massacre that would take place sometime soon. I am getting very upset about this note-I felt like a boy instead of female. I knew it had to be some feud started by my other brothers. I glance over at grandpa too and he is very ancient but wise old man. He

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Famously Murdered

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, March 28 2006

scene 1- Some very disturbing dreams. First I will do the one about seeing Dorthy from Golden Girls eating at the Friendly's restaurant and I am riding my bike to see if its really her I stop to check it out . I am over on the other side of the street near the stop-lights. I could see her talking to some other people at the table. I then strangely see some purple car .like the old chrystler car that they re-did. Well I just don't like the shape of those cars . Anyway the driver s


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