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sleazy relations

Lucid Intent
Saturday, February 4 2012

dream-I am with some weird friends. I think I started to be with them after school. We were going to drive together . I met the girl who was like a hooker tough etc. and we were talking and think there is a place that we went to at the bar club, and was about dancing and prostitution. I Don't know if I met this boy here, or not since we were driving around the school parking lot. He has red hair and glasses. [the geek look]. nice boy. He might of even been my boyfriend ?. not sure. We are there

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Odd guy out

Tuesday, July 19 2005

I am at home, and I happen to be cooking a cake. I didn't think that it would come out that great.I am waiting for it to bake and then when its done I am amazed that its perfect. ! I see how thick it is and I wanted to frost it but I knew I had to wait til it got warm. I had to check the instructions just to be sure. I saw I was right. "I can make anything !" I boast. I usally am a downer in these situations. When I went to check on the cake again, I was shocked to see that som


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