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Not to take things ''gravely''

Monday, December 10 2012

dream 1- i am at home and wa looking from the backyard [closer to bessette's] and noticed that the house is two story being built and I am wondering who is going to care for the house and mom says ''don't worry , joey will '' and I am not really sure if he will take good care of the place or animals.. we were going on a trip . Could see the ladder they had out .. still near the house .. Then we are out a hotel.... and we were relaxing ....aroumd the looks like a comfort hotel

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Strange company

Lucid Intent
Thursday, September 20 2007

scene 1 ) I am at home, and I was doing something with a video game? its weird because the computer is in the living room near the window. The computer wasn't even like the one now , its mostly like the one from the past. I see some strange car outside. It looked to be a limo? it parked near the driveway on the right side. I wasn't aware who it was? Until he got out of the car. it was the man who played a long time ago - in wizard- david something- he was the small guy. I use to li


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