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Short meeting place

Tuesday, September 18 2007

scene 1 ) i think this is a cont of the other dream when I was following marlene the family down the street since we were talking about going riding our bikes. Which , later on there is a scene of us [even her sister freddie] was there with us on the street near mine. Waiting for her . We were riding towards the park? But I think that . We were waiting for Freddie to deal with the kids ? I was riding around and waiting for them. Though I might of actually had lost them for a while

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Old school- new ways to get lost

Lucid Intent
Monday, January 8 2007

setting- school- I recall being in the cafe with some of my old friends . I know marlene was there too. Think we were talking about school and projects etc. I recall Barb Allen coming to join us. Then we had to go up to our classes. I think Mine was a math clss and I wasn't ready for the quiz or something that we had to do. The teacher is male. I was trying to explain that I was only half done- but he was too busy with some others. I think I saw it was about over anyway. So I figured I


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