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Vexed n Creepy morphs

Lucid Intent
Monday, March 21 2016

dream 1- I am at our old home, and I was just talking to mom , laurie , kris, in the living room- was just bringing up some past memories. I then heard them mention something about going to a trip to 'las vagas' together. I was a bit vexed, because they've been going on trips to big cities a lot.. I went to the  dining room, and was talking to them in calm tone at first, and asking them about the trip.  They mention something about the plane and when they would go.

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Snapes dramatic act of 'leaving ' and swampy heads

Monday, March 16 2015

  dream-i had some odd dreams...which i like!..It started back at the old home..but not the usual dull scenes.. I am downstairs, in the backroom..which use to be the boys room.. the odd part was While in the backroom, I was observing some scene, that had to do with 'snape ' and how he was talking about hermione ..was telling the people ..not sure who it was that is there, think was dumbledore and maggie smith asking 'snape questions' about why is is leaving...or about w


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