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Sexual encounters -out of body

Lucid Intent
Saturday, July 16 2016

1-i am in a unfamiliar place..which is clutery i am moving some stuff in boxes.. there are people in other parts of the place,also clearing out boxes etc..As I was moving the boxes of stuff, there was some man that had came into the room. I thought he was just here to get the boxes, but I felt he was here for more than 'boxes' which I was right. He was going behind me and touching my breasts.. I recall he wanted me to go to the couch with him [a brown leather couch that had some stuff he

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Godzilla returns...& bedroom manners [kinky]

Monday, May 19 2014

dream - I knew this would happen, am in another unfamiliar building [think its a school tall one] and  am in some crowded cramped art room and the female teacher is telling us about some art history, and we had to do something- a drawing of some sorts about it * when Someone was mentioning about Godzilla being around- and I am thinking 'No he's not , he isn't even real'' I try to go around looking for him , to show the others he isn't even around..I go through a side door , and looked like


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