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A spider crawling up my back [warning dream?} Potter clues

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 15 2014

dream- A short dream, just about when I am waking up, I feel there is a spider crawling up my back, and I am trying to shake it off me in the dream [in my bed ] and I woke up thinking "So glad it was only a dream!" and I went up to let lady out, and I am startled to actually 'see a spider' on the door which spooked me ..'' I shook it off and thought 'Well did this have a connection with the spider dream I just had?' I think it might of been warning me ... I recall some other vague dreams about

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snooping around can get you biten

Monday, August 15 2011

dream 1- Some weird scenes, I first am in some place that's like a store, but its also like part of the neighbor's house [have no idea why I keep dreaming of the neighbor's house or kids!] - well anyway I am looking at a shelf with some books on it, and I noticed there is a nice looking like a diary. Its blue and got nice flowers around it. I open it up and surprised to see that its  a diary and I read that its the neighborhood girls diary. I was reading it and Dylan [her brother] was aroun


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